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Your site's homepage is easily the most important page in your site. It's a deal maker and a deal breaker. The homepage

  • identifies you, your company, and your brand
  • gives customers a sense of your mission, belief, style, and/or personality
  • provides and overview of your products and services
  • gives your customers a task (search, shop, watch, listen, etc.)
  • sends your customers on their merry way to the desired page(s) of your site

So, what should you do with the homepage?

Display Products and Services - People visit your website to learn about your products and services. While it's good to know who's been hired (or fired) or what recent accolades your company has received, such news isn't your customer's focus. Give attention to your products and services instead.

Link to Problem Solvers - When I'm evaluating a company, I could care less about the history of the employees. I need to know which team member will solve my current dilemma. Give each team member a specialty and attach them to a list of specialties on the homepage.

Place Searches Properly - If the breadth of content of your site warrants a search, include it in an obvious place, preferably close to the top. That's where most users expect to see it.

Be Brief - Remember to keep it short. Most web site readers skim. They don't have time to read long explanations, descriptions, and mission statements until after they've found what they're looking for.

Design Easy Navigation - Navigation isn't about style or cleverness. It's about ease of use. Make sure it's easy to get to the pages you want your customers to see.

A well designed homepage with the proper content will be sure to provide an efficient experience for your customers and keep them coming back for more.

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Recently I've received calls from several clients regarding Search Engine Optimization firms (SEOs) . Usually they have been solicited by an SEO firm through an email marketing campaign or other marketing vehicle.

Use a Reliable Professional - The internet has provided a wealth of resources to billions of people. Now anyone, anywhere can do business with anyone, anywhere.

But marketable convenience does not guarantee adequate customer service. I always recommend that you go with someone you trust when vesting in an internet professional. Why? Because claims are a dime a dozen. Because you can't drive to a web address to submit a complaint. Because by now, we've all been disappointed by something we purchased from the internet.

"It's like a giant yard sale in cyberspace," said National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch director Susan Grant. "Consumers purchase a variety of items that are advertised on-line, but they don't always get what they bargained for."

Despite claims of miraculous overnight results, most SEO offers are still illegitimate scams. True search engine optimization is a long-term relationship between your webmaster or content provider and the internet. It's trial and error, give and take, love and hate. Many claims to boost your Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Live Search results are just pay-per-click accounts in disguise. Real optimization means having real content on your website.

Give it Time - Do you need more site visitors tomorrow? Hire an SEO. Do you need a continual stream of regular visitors over the next five years? Then talk to a qualified, trustworthy web designer.

The truth is, the quick fixes just don't last. Their techniques employ listing your site on "thousands" of search engines. Who uses thousands of search engine? I only use three. Real content takes time to develop.

Evaluate SEO vs. SEM - Instead of search engine optimization, consider a search engine marketing strategy. Combine pay-per-click mediums like Adwords with fresh content, blogging, press releases, affiliate programs, and other legitimate techniques that add value to your site.

Don't have the time to do all this yourself? Then hire a creditable web design professional to handle it for you. Of course, any Atlanta area folks can visit the Stontech Web Design site to contact me and I'll be happy to get involved.

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